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Original EDIsecure DIC10313 YMCK-UV Color Ribbon For Matica XID580ie XID8300 XID9300 XID9330 card printers


You Will Receive the following:

1 X Original EDIsecure DIC10313 YMCK-UV Color Ribbon,For Matica XID580ie XID8300 XID9300 XID9330 card printers

Part No: DIC10313

Brand: EDIsecure

QTY: 1

Condition: New




The EDIsecure DIC10313 refers to a specific type of developer ribbon used in EDIsecure (formerly known as DCP) ID card printers. Here are some key points about the DIC10313 developer ribbon:

Key Features:

  1. Function: The DIC10313 ribbon is designed for use in EDIsecure ID card printers to apply color to the cards during the printing process. It is specifically used in conjunction with the printer’s thermal transfer printing technology to transfer ink onto the card surface.
  2. Compatibility: The DIC10313 ribbon is compatible with specific models of EDIsecure ID card printers. It’s important to verify compatibility with your exact printer model to ensure proper operation and optimal print quality.
  3. Color and Printing Capacity: Typically, the DIC10313 ribbon is available in various configurations, including full-color ribbons that can print a set number of cards per ribbon. The capacity can vary depending on the specific model and settings of the printer.
  4. Installation and Replacement: Installing a DIC10313 ribbon involves following the printer manufacturer’s instructions, which usually include steps such as loading the ribbon correctly into the printer and adjusting settings if necessary. Regular replacement of the ribbon is necessary as it depletes with usage.
  5. Quality and Reliability: EDIsecure DIC10313 ribbons are designed to meet high-quality standards, ensuring vibrant colors and durable prints on ID cards. Using genuine EDIsecure ribbons helps maintain print quality and ensures compatibility with the printer.

In summary, the EDIsecure DIC10313 developer ribbon is an essential consumable for EDIsecure ID card printers, facilitating the production of high-quality, color-rich ID cards. It’s crucial to use compatible ribbons and follow proper installation and replacement procedures to achieve optimal printing results and maximize the lifespan of your printer.




Black, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta

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