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APC Power Strip Rack AP9559 PDU Basic 1U 16A, 10xC13 & 2xC19



You Will Receive The Following:

1x APC AP9559 Rack PDU Basic 1U 16A, 10xC13 & 2xC19 Power Strip Rack Power

Manufacturer: APC

Pack Size: 1

Condition: New

Warranty : 1 Year




Reduce Clutter with the Power Strip Rack.

Transform your workspace into a clutter-free zone with the innovative APC Power Strip Rack. This sleek and sturdy organizer maximizes efficiency, ensuring all your power needs are met with ease and style. No more tangled cords or misplaced chargers—the APC Power Strip Rack keeps everything neat, accessible, and secure.

Enhance Productivity in Home and Office.

Designed for both home and office use, the APC Power Strip Rack offers unmatched convenience. Its versatile design supports multiple devices, ensuring you never run out of charging spots. Say goodbye to the frustration of searching for outlets and enjoy a streamlined power solution that enhances your productivity.

Reliable Protection for Your Devices.

The APC Power Strip Rack isn’t just about organization; it’s about peace of mind. With built-in surge protection, your devices stay safe from unexpected power spikes. The robust construction guarantees durability, so you can trust it to handle your electronics with care. Its compact, space-saving design means it fits seamlessly into any environment, from crowded desks to busy workstations.

Easy Installation and Custom Fit.

Installation is a breeze. Simply mount it to your desired location and start enjoying the benefits immediately. The adjustable brackets accommodate various power strip sizes, providing a customized fit for your needs. Whether you’re powering up your laptop, phone, or other essentials, the APC Power Strip Rack ensures everything is within easy reach.

The AP9559 is a part of APC by Schneider Electric’s line of power management products. It is a Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU) designed to provide reliable power distribution for data centers, server rooms, and other IT environments.

Here are some key features and specifications of the AP9559:

  • Form Factor: It is a Zero U rack-mountable PDU, which means it can be mounted vertically in the back or on the side of the rack, saving valuable rack space.
  • Input Power: The AP9559 typically supports a 200-240V input, with a power capacity that can vary based on the specific model and configuration.
  • Output Connections: It offers multiple IEC C13 and/or C19 outlets, providing power to various devices within the rack.
  • Monitoring: Some models of the AP9559 may include features for power monitoring, allowing for real-time tracking of power consumption and load balancing.
  • Management: It can often be managed via a web interface or network management tools, allowing for remote control and configuration.
  • Overload Protection: The PDU may include circuit breakers to protect connected equipment from overload conditions.






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